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Your building vital signs
in the palm of your hands

Proactively detect issues, optimize maintenance, and ensure a safer, more efficient environment for prolonged facility performance.

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 Core Features


Works with both new and existing properties


Missing link between engineers and business people

core Features

Compatible with both legacy operational systems and latest prop-tech technologies

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100% Cloud, no IT investment needed


Proactive management


Reduced TCO for operators


Opex or hybrid pricing available

Why it is important?

Monitoring building vital signs is paramount in ensuring the health and efficiency of any infrastructure. It serves as a proactive measure, allowing for the early detection of potential issues such as water leaks, HVAC failures, or air quality concerns. By continuously tracking key parameters, facility managers can optimize maintenance schedules, prevent costly repairs, and create a safer, more comfortable environment. The real-time insights provided by monitoring building vital signs empower decision-makers to implement prompt and effective solutions, ultimately contributing to the longevity and performance of the entire facility



Less Damages

Instantaneous detection of vital signs thresholds means less damage.


Lower Costs

Timely intervention contain rework cost if any.


Peace of Mind

24/7 monitoring and intelligent automation, ensuring continuous operation even in your absence.


Asset Protection

Build a track record of zero damage claims to enhance the value of your property.


Higher Coverage

Maintain assurability of your property while enhancing damage protection coverage.

24/7 Building Vigilance : Your Space, Your Control, Anytime, Anywhere

Explore BuildUp's intuitive app with powerful features showcased through vivid screenshots. Effortlessly monitor sensors, control devices, and streamline operations for unprecedented efficiency in facility management. Experience the future of control at your fingertips.

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Responsive App with Real-time Updates


Gathers, organizes, and relays all fault messages from both legacy and network-based systems


Limitless Sensors, Servers Controllers, and Gateways


Outlier Detection Using AI for

Unknown Events


User - and Group - Defined Emergency Controls and Shut-Offs


Accurate Alert Locations and Event Management Instructions

Buildup Dashboard



AI-Powered Conversational Status Updates and Tenant Communication


User and Group Management with Notification Preferences


Ready-to-Use Data Integration Templates


Data Communications via Serial, Network, or Wireless Channels (5G, BLE, WiFi, LoraWan)


Detailed Insights into Sensors, Controllers, Events, Notifications, Actuator Status, Open/Close Buttons and Heat Maps

How does it work? 

Embark on seamless facility management with BuildUp! Begin by creating an account, effortlessly add users, devices, and buildings. Our user-friendly interface makes it a breeze. Once set up, BuildUp! automatically initiates vital sign monitoring, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in your spaces with minimal effort on your part.


Determine your Vital Signs

Initiate your journey by creating an account to streamline and manage all your interactions with BuildUp!


Prepare Data

Enhance operational efficiency by seamlessly adding users and groups to manage your team of resources, including technicians, managers, and customer service agents, specifically tailored for each building.


Connect to BuildUp!

Efficiently oversee single or multiple buildings by inputting their respective information and setting vital signs thresholds with BuildUp's intuitive building management feature.


Start Monitoring!

Gain real-time insights into vital signs by visualizing and interacting with live data using BuildUp's Monitoring feature. Receive instant notifications for threshold breaches or detected patterns through the powerful ML algorithms embedded in BuildUp, ensuring proactive and responsive monitoring for optimal performance.

 Edge Components


BuildUp! seamlessly integrates with sensors from both legacy and cutting-edge equipment manufacturers, offering effortless compatibility through our user-friendly and easily configurable data acquisition templates. Connecting with sensors, whether they are legacy or state-of-the-art, is made simple and seamless, ensuring a hassle-free integration experience.



Unlock unparalleled versatility as BuildUp! seamlessly integrates with controllers and servers from major manufacturers, covering BACNet, ModBus, MQTT, and legacy RS-485 communications for a streamlined user experience. Enjoy exceptional compatibility, fostering a cohesive and efficient control system.



Unlock unmatched versatility with BuildUp! as it seamlessly integrates with gateways from top-tier brands, ensuring seamless and efficient communication between sensors and controllers. BuildUp! is compatible with all major protocols, including Lorawan, Wifi, and 5G, and effortlessly integrates with IaaS providers, ModBus, HTTP, and BacNet for comprehensive data communications.


  Vital Signs

Your building vital signs encompass a dynamic set of data points that collectively provide a real-time snapshot of a structure's health and performance. These vital signs enable comprehensive monitoring, predictive analytics, and proactive management, ensuring the optimal functioning, sustainability, and safety of a building.


Environmental Conditions


People Mover


HVAC Efficiency


Energy Consumption


Pool Chemistry


Security System


Structural Intergrity


BuildUp! excels in adaptability, seamlessly integrating with any building type, but it particularly shines in the residential sector, catering to Multi-Dwelling units, Condominiums, and Multi-Plexes. Its efficiency is amplified in these settings, where staffing may be limited compared to larger office or commercial buildings. The platform's user-friendly design, automation capabilities, and emphasis on peace of mind make it an ideal solution for streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency in residential environments.

A nice building

Apartment Buildings

Our custom and ready made solutions work with large size apartment buildings throughout construction and occupation stages. Ask one of our expert for a detailed review of your project.


Condos Building

Our condominium solutions offer unique advantages for a quick and efficient installation, which can be managed individually or by the condominium association.

Townhouse Exteriors


Ask for our solutions for smaller size buildings. These quick to install solutions will protect your investment for years to come.


buildup Integrations

Unleash the power of your operations with BuildUp's flawless integrations, ensuring smooth data flow in and out of the platform. Tailored for diverse requirements, our ready-made connections seamlessly link with top platforms in BMS, ITIL, EMMS, and IaaS applications. Elevate efficiency and connectivity through BuildUp! adaptable and customizable integration solutions.


Explore our BuildUp! Vital Signs Monitoring Gallery, showcasing technical excellence with advanced integration with sensors, controllers, servers, and gateways in real-world installations

A team of people


Thingsfactory is an Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence product development company specializing in real-time monitoring and data collection of critical systems and prevention of losses.

With more than 25 years of experience in product development, operations management and software development for monitoring. Thingsfactory’s founders and our employees are proud to design and build high quality products that combine performance and security.


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